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Chairmans Message

A warm welcome to our website. This message is now historical but I have left it in place for information. A new website format is in the pipeline provisionally for Sept/Oct 2021

A few months ago I was happily munching my cornflakes at the breakfast table whilst reading my copy of TORRIDGE VIEW magazine which is published periodically by Torridge District Council. Now, normally, there is not a lot of content that holds my attention for too long but this time at the end of the magazine  I came upon an article headed "Has your Parish Council got a WEBSITE". As many of my friends will know I am a bit of a computer "nerd" but after 40 years of computer experience I had never created any form of website.

I read the article with interest and at the end there was an invite to get more information by contacting Mr Paul Hogg in the ICT section of Torridge District Council. This I duly did and my first question was "Virginstow does not have a Parish Council--does that matter?" I said that Virginstow only had a Parish Meeting as we were to small a community to have a Parish Council. Paul said that he had not been asked that question before but could not see any reason why Virginstow could not have a Website. So, a few weeks later, I went over to the ICT section to learn first hand what was involved, was impressed and decided to "go for it".

After a few hours of information overload called "training" ! I set about learning how it all went together and the result is what you are seeing now on the website. This is only the start and I hope that in a few weeks time it will be completed and then be updated accordingly from time to time. I am trying to create a site that is not to "formal" but at the same time informative to both our residents and visitors to the Village and surrounding area. I would welcome any thoughts that you may have regarding suitable content and my contact details are published on the current site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope that some of you will benefit from the contents so keep checking the website as it will be continually updated with information  hopefully useful.

Regards  Peter Foster

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